Clergy Appreciation 3

Clergy Appreciation Month 3: Lynette had not had an appointment during my first year, but made the decision to pursue ordination and an appointment during that year. We were appointed to an unusual “Inner City Parish” appointment in Meridian, along with Gene Martino. W.D. Pigott, pastor of Poplar Springs Drive UMC in Meridian, invited Lynette, Gene, and me to join a “Preaching Peers” group in the Meridian District. The other participants were Joe Ranager, Mike Hicks, Vicki Loflin Johnson and her then-husband Bert Gary. We worked through the Fred Craddock “Preaching” videos. We also recorded and listened to one another’s sermons and gave feedback. This was quite helpful in growing my competence as a preacher AND in experiencing a community of support and challenge as a pastor. Mike HicksVicki Loflin JohnsonJoe Ranager

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