Luke’s Birth Part 2

On February 23, 1994 (also a Wednesday)we arrived at Methodist Hospital North about 9:00-9:30. The nurses were a little irritated with us. They were expecting us at 8:00. That information hadn’t been given to us. Lynette began her Pitocin drip. She continued to have contractions through the day, but never dilated. We had visits from Lynette’s parents, my CPE supervisors, and the staff chaplain at Methodist North. Around 4:30 p.m. Lynette’s doctor checked her again. She still had not dilated at all. The doctor said “This baby has a bad case of WTO (won’t come out).” Lynette REALLY did not want a Caesarian delivery and started crying. Going home and trying again later was not really an option, since she’d been showing symptoms of pre-eclampsia the day before. Luke Altman was delivered by Caesarian around 5:30 that afternoon.

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