Lynette’s Last Day

Lynette’s last day: Luke brought her some coffee. He spent a couple of hours happily sharing with her his knowledge of video games and pro wrestling. Sue Deer from Rexford stopped by with some vegetable beef soup. Lynette had a pleasant conversation with her about the previous night’s Christmas Program. The Social Worker from Hospice Ministries came by. She had a pleasant conversation as well, though Luke came quietly into the room and stood right behind the social worker. I was about to introduce him when she looked around and became startled. Evidently, she’s easy to scare.🙂 It was a laugh for all of us. Barbara and Andy Anderson from St. Paul Ocean Springs came bearing ice, potato soup, and satsumas. Lynette enjoyed talking with them as well. A durable medical equipment delivery man brought a nebulizer for her breathing treatments. She was pleasant and friendly to him. The hospice nurse and home health aide came. The aide gave her a bath and got her clothes and linen changed. The nurse did her assessment. Lynette was able to help them and engage with them too. We drained her pleural catheters to relieve the fluid around her lungs. The last thing Lynette asked the nurse: “Am I OK?” The nurse said “yes.” Her O2 sats and blood pressure were good. Hospice Ministries has an inpatient facility. The nurse’s opinion was that Lynette did not need it yet. She was not “acute.” I left Lynette with Luke and went to Florence to get some wipes, bendy straws, cups, and banana pudding. More important, I went to Sonic to get Lynette some crushed ice. She had been craving some crushed ice. I brought her the ice and warmed up some potato soup. She was happy for the soup but purred with pleasure over the crushed ice.🙂 I made spaghetti sauce for Luke and me. After supper Lynette and I watched “The Good Doctor,” her new favorite show. She was drowsy, but drowsy was her new normal. I asked her if she wanted a pain pill. She did and I gave her one. I went to sleep in the room within hailing distance of her bed. I woke up at 7:00 thinking she had just spent a quiet night and decided to let her sleep. When Luke couldn’t wake her at 9:30, then I couldn’t we called the hospice nurse, but I already knew.

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