16 months of Storms 5

Having completed our move to Harrisville, it was time to transition doctors for Lynette. She had her final appointment with Dr. Hightower on June 30, She was also transitioning to a new type of infused chemotherapy. Her first treatment under that protocol was July 6 in Gulfport. We transitioned to the care of Dr. Barbara Craft at the University of Mississippi Cancer Institute. The outpatient care for UMMC cancer patients is at the site of the old Jackson Mall. There was a time when a visit to the Jackson Mall was a highlight of any trip to Jackson for us Greenvillians. That Mall was also a place we visited often when we were Millsaps students in the late 1970s-early 80s. We bought Lynette’s wedding dress at the Gayfers in the Jackson Mall in 1982. It was interesting for a site we had known for different things became a place of treatment for us. Dr. Craft continued the chemotherapy protocol and ordered new scans. On Saturday morning, July 29, Lynette began to feel that her constipation was becoming unmanageable at home. We went to the UMMC ED, and Lynette was admitted. After numerous interventions and the VERY caring ministry of one nurse, the constipation was resolved in the late night/early morning hours of July 29-30. The medical oncologist on call that weekend was Dr. Natalie Sheehan. After a lot of detective work, Dr. Sheehan determined that the anti-nausea medicine Lynette was taking prophylactically had caused the constipation.Dr. Sheehan now became a doctor we saw as often as we saw Dr. Craft. Following three treatments under the new chemotherapy protocol, the scans showed that disease was still progressing. Dr. Sheehan and Dr. Craft recommended focused radiation to address a lesion on Lynette’s sternum. Now Dr. Sophy Mangana entered our lives. Dr. Sheehan and Dr. Craft told us that the conventional therapies available to Lynette had come to an end. They repeated that sentence I did not yet fully understand. “This is a VERY aggressive cancer.” They recommended that we contact MD Anderson to see what experimental therapies were available. We continued radiation through August to the middle of September, but also made our first contact with MD Anderson. An appointment at the Nellie B. Connally Breast Center at MD Anderson was made for Monday, October 2.

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