Sixteen Months of Storms, Part 6

A couple of details about August and September 2017, before I tell of our trips to MD Anderson. A small church a few miles from Harrisville had its pastor (who was part time with them) leave to take a full time job in another state. Our District Superintendent Connie Connie Mitchell Shelton asked Lynette to step in. She’d have one Sunday morning sermon and some hospital visitation. The time and salary would not exceed what was allowed by her disability leave. Lynette was somewhat reluctant, but agreed to begin the first Sunday of August. The people of Rexford UMC proved to be a blessing to Lynette and to our family for the little more than three months Lynette was with them. Lynette had also started to have some breathing and coughing problems as her radiation treatments came to an end. The radiation oncology fellow working with Dr. Mangana ordered a Chest CT in mid-September. The results came back: No pneumonia, no bronchitis, instead it was “disease progression.” “Disease progression” is another of those medical terms, like “This is a very aggressive cancer” that doctors understand better than we “layfolk” do. The next two and a half months would fill in their meaning.

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