Sixteen Months of Storms Part 8

o, we returned from MD Anderson on Thursday, October 4, 2017 with questions. We had a copy of the research protocol. Lynette had appointments with her UMMC doctors on October 19. We wanted to be sure that this was indeed our ONLY option for further treatment. All treatments have risks and toxicity, but this one had particular risks to Lynette’s heart and eyes, along with other potential side effects. We also had to wrap our minds around spending that much time in Houston over the next few months. Lynette’s doctors affirmed that this research protocol was in fact the last line of available treatment. As I recall, we still went back and forth, trying to balance Lynette’s desire for “time with my family,” with our goal of attending Sarah’s graduation together. Lynette finally made the decision to go ahead and complete evaluation for the trial, which would involve a CT and and MRI of her head. She was especially anxious about getting through the MRI of her head, as that is quite loud and involved lying still for an extended period of time. In addition to those scans, Lynette would also need an eye exam and echocardiogram. We made arrangements with MD Anderson to return and begin those evaluations on October 31, 2017.

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