Sixteen Months of Storms, Part 9

A couple of notes about the “home front” while we were going to Houston. Lynette’ sister Guyanne Little Hargrove, the people of Rexford United Methodist Church, and the attendees at the south Rankin/Simpson County Charge Conference on October 29 shared generous gifts with us to help with lodging and meal expenses we had in Houston. The people of Harrisville United Methodist Church helped with meals for Luke while we were out of town as well. Luke, as some of you may remember, has an autism spectrum disorder. He has not ever spent the night by himself. We didn’t think that his coming with us to Houston was a good idea at all. Lynette’s sisters, Guyanne and Linda Little, stayed with Luke at our house in Harrisville while we were traveling. That helped our peace of mind tremendously and let us concentrate on Lynette and her medical needs exclusively while we were in Houston.

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