Sixteen Months of Storms, Part 10

Back to the clinical story: Lynette was scheduled for a CT and for an MRI of the head on Tuesday, October 31. She had had an MRI of the head in July of 2017. She didn’t like it. The procedure involves being “buckled in” to a device that holds your head still. This is necessary for “good pictures,” but Lynette is hardly the only person who finds this quite anxiety producing. This was a time when “Mother’s Little Helper” (valium) was actually necessary. I was confined to the waiting room and couldn’t provide the in person support I would have liked to.She weathered those two diagnostic procedures. The next day we had labs, an eye exam, an echocardiogram, and a visit with Dr. Lim scheduled. For reasons we didn’t ever quite understand, her visit with the ophthalmologist was VERY much delayed. I believe that one patient took up a large amount of time and Lynette, along with all the OTHER patients scheduled for that morning had to wait a LARGE amount of time. Eventually, we had to contact Dr. Lim’s office to tell her how badly delayed we were and why. We made it over to Dr. Lim’s office and had to go back to the ophthalmologist later. The echocardiogram was delayed also.Lynette signed the consent for being in the clinical trial when we arrived at Dr. Lim’s. We found out two things that would turn out to be VERY significant to the next six weeks. The head MRI had shown a small lesion on Lynette’s brain. Her brain had been clear in July, so this was new. The treatment of choice for this sort of lesion is radiosurgery done by gamma knife. Referrals to a neurosurgeon and a radiation oncologist were made. Also, the chest CT had shown that there was fluid accumulating near Lynette’s lungs. A referral to a pulmonary doctor was also made. It was explained to us that these two matters (which were presented as “hiccups”) would need to be resolved before we could begin the study medicine. Though we had planned to leave for home on the morning of Thursday, November 2, we stayed to see these additional doctors.

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